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Image by Florian Klauer

Whatever comes before being super random

I made a welcome page that was randomly popping up. That needed to get moved, so it got moved here:

(Don't ask me why I couldn't just delete it. Once its here, its here)

It's here: 

I can't believe that I'm really back here writing. I even felt compelled to add photos I've taken and replacing all the stock photos. But this site is so crappy and shoddy. I seriously struggle to put my name on it because the design doesn't speak to who I actually am, so here I am continuing to work on it but journaling the process along the way I guess? I'm going through and finding my own self-taken photos to add to make the visuals feel more like my own. The tone needs to be more neutral/warm brown tones. The vibe needs to be slower and clearer... Lol note to self! Great note to self, now let's see if I go work on it ot

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