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There is at least one thing i know you do not know.

Is that what got you here? The tagline?  Or was it something before that. Something I actually said or did. I wonder.

I, too, am not sure what I'm doing here. As a matter a fact, I don't think I'm any good at making sites. This is both plain and confusing to navigate. That's the worst self-perception to give. Yet, we're both here.

The other way to wind up here is completely and totally: unprovoked. If you stumbled across this page because you're a stumbler... I understand that. it's hard for me, personally, to relate to as an attribute but I most certainly understand it. I have a compassion for it. Just a, as in one. I have one compassionate concern about it. 

Meanwhile, and on the other hand, let's get back to the seekers.

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